Project Planning

As we already know, the majority of projects have the defined expiry date, the budget and amount of works. This trio of time, money and amount of works often name a design triangle If as a result of project performance the result for the sake of which the project was undertaken is received, works were carried out according to the plan, with the minimum deviations on terms and the budget – that steering of the project was successful. It is possible to consider a project product successful if product reception has helped to solve those problems because of which the project and if product reception has helped the organization with achievement of its strategic targets has begun.

планирование проекта

That is, successful steering of projects in the organization is provided only at correct steering. Uniqueness of each project generates complexities at its planning as frequently it is difficult to assume as results will be reached actually. Therefore result of design activity is not only a product or service, but also the taken lessons, that is experience which is used further at planning and performance of following projects.

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