Membrane Coating

For the roofs of industrial, public and other buildings with small slopes and strong (eg, concrete) base interest membrane coating. The membrane is made of highly elastic rubber-like polymer material with elongation of 200-400% and high tensile strength and puncture resistance.

One of the main advantages of membrane coating is a fast device roofing large areas.

Banners served on the roof is folded, unfold and laid on the ground. Cloth are joined together the self-vulcanized ribbons. They also performed contiguity. Possible installation of membranes in the old roof membrane. overloaded top membrane and protected from UV radiation backfilling with gravel or concrete tiles. At the same roof could be "exploited". Properly executed roof can last more than 30 years.


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Ltd. epoxy on the device and the Turkish construction company "Ant Construction Industry and Trading Company" in talks with "Geospetsstroy". 12 350 square meters, total construction
Ltd. "Geospetsstroy" in talks with the Turkish construction company "Ant Yapi Prokons Consortium" for finishing the work under the key.