Monolithic Construction

Monolithic building can be called one of the most promising technologies of erecting buildings (both tall and low-rise, including cottages). It is the erection of concrete structural elements using special formwork directly on the site.

Building of monolithic houses consists of several stages:

  • preparation and concrete delivery,
  • delivery and timbering preparation,
  • concrete placement.

Electric communications are spent during packing of walls that allows to avoid any damages of wires. When concrete stiffens, very strong framework with various kinds of protecting designs (depending on a timbering) turns out. At the expense of use of this technology the great speed of erection of buildings, high quality of a surface of walls and ceilings is reached. Monolithic housing construction allows not being limited to the sizes of standard ferro-concrete designs that gives the chance to realize original architecturally-planned decisions. For example, it is possible to create buildings with curvilinear forms.

Popularity of technology speaks variety of its advantages. Furnish of the frame house can be spent right after building. It well holds heat that essentially reduces working costs on premise heating. The frame house isn't subject shrinkage, and thanks to that its weight in 5-6 times less brick, constructions.


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